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ProTech X-Ray Equipment

ProTech are a leading provider of radiation safety apparel. With a professional sewing team on board, they produce exceptionally high quality customisable products. These include aprons, accessories, eyewear, goggles, mitts and disposable gloves.

All our aprons and accessories are custom
made by our manufacturing partner in the
USA. We have some of the most professional
sewing staff in the industry and take pride in
the quality of our aprons. This enables us to not
only tailor aprons to your needs but also
innovate new and improved designs that suit
you. We can therefore also customise any
apron products you need to satisfy your
desired design, size and pattern.
Dedicated quality control staff ensure no
apron leaves with a mistake or imperfection.
Due to these strict controls our error rates for
aprons is an industry leading <1%.]

Were proud to supply the ProGuard, the premier
radiation attenuation glove on the market today.
FDA and CE approved, the ProGuard glove
attenuates up to 50% more than any other
competitor and is used in radiology, cath/ep lab,
orthopaedics, endoscopy, urology and pain
management. We also supply sleeves, angio mitts,
slit mitts and angiographic gloves

 Lead glasses are now an essential item of
radiation protection apparel. Not too long
ago, few doctors used them but with the
massive increase in cataracts and eye
damage caused by unabated exposure to
xrays, lead glasses are now becoming a
standard requirement. We are able to offer
the largest range of economy, premium and
designer clear and prescription eyewear with
over 100 frame designs and 5 lens
types. We also supply theatre
goggles and masks