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Soleve Neurostimulation

SOLEVE is a unique non-invasive neurostimulation device designed to be used at the beginning of the pain pathway for patients with non specific backand neck pain.

SOLEVE is a major new innovative alternative therapy to injections, steroids and drugs for the symptomatic relief of chronic back and neck pain.

The SOLEVE Neurostimulation System  designed for the treament of non-specific back and neck pain in patients presenting from their general practitioner. It is a quick, easy, economical and completely non-invasive treatment designed to be utilised prior to more invasive and expensive therapies.

SOLEVE's auto targeted neurostimulation maximises relief for lower back and neck pain. The probes precisely map low impedance areas for treatment and then provide safe and intense therapeutic electrical impulses to targeted points to stimulate the release of endorphins. The treatment takes only a few minutes per patient and is effective after as few as four treatments in 60% of pateints. It is completely non-invasive and the probes never penetrate the surface of the skin.

SOLEVE is ideally situated in NHS MSK Centres within Community Trusts, or in private multidisciplinary clinics.