Tricumed Drug Delivery System

The latest generation of Tricumed drug delivery systems are simply the best intrathecal drug delivery pumps available today.
Comprising a range of programmeable, and customisable fixed rate pumps for both adult and paediatric use, together with a trial port device and a unique electronic septum finder, Tricumed represents the most comprehensive range of IDD devices from any manufacturer. German engineering at it's best, backed up with expert local clinical and technical support throughout the UK.

Key Features

  • No battery to ever be raplaced
  • Programmable pump
  • Continouos flow pump
  • Lite weight
  • Easy to refil using the septum finder
  • Implantanble trial port 


IP2000 Continuous Flow Pump

An economical alternative when the patient prescription is stable. A fixed rate flow pump with 20 years lifetime, operable during MRI with no special protocols.

Available in 20ml, 35ml, 40ml, and 60ml reservoir capacities and eight pre-specified flow rates of between 0.25 and 3.0ml per day.

Siromedes Programmable Pump

A full functional programmable pump licensed for morphine, baclofen and compounds, fully operable with no special protocol during CT and MRI 3 Tesla Scans. 

Ability to switch between controllable and constant dispensing to prolong battery life from 8 to 20 years and improve safety

The clinician controlled programmer enables multiple dosing options, time zone changes when travelling and conversion from variable to constant dispensing via wireless data transmission.

IP1000 Continuous Flow Micro Pump

Designed specifically for paediatric use or with smaller patients, a fixed flow rate pump with a 20 year lifetime, operable during MRI with no special protocols. 

Available in 10ml, 12ml and 15ml resaviour capacities and three pre-specified flow rates of between 0.25 and 0.8ml per day.

Porthales Implantable Trial Port

Designed specifically for implementing an intrathecal drug delivery trial prior to a pump implantation. 

Duo Catheter Kit

A combined proximinal and distal two-part catheter kit, customisable to each patient's needs. 

For use with the Porthales port and all Tricumed pumps, supplied with a titanium connector and butterfly anchors.

TRI Septum Finder

Designed for use with all types of Tricumed implanted pumps, the septum finder precisely locates the refill septum to ensure a safe and easy refill with the minimum of discomfort for the patient.

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